Submer Technologies & 2CRSi Deliver HPC to JRC

More Compute Power, Better Protection, Less Electricity

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BARCELONA, Spain & LYON, France & ISPRA, Italy

Submer Technologies is partnering with 2CRSi to deliver High Performance Computing (HPC) environments to the EU Joint Research Center in Ispra, Italy.

The Joint Research Centre (JRC) is the largest European Commission facility outside of Brussels and Luxembourg. The facility is one of Europe’s most important research campuses spanning many scientific disciplines and laboratories for governmental, scientific, and private projects.

In a collaborative effort with Airbus [$0KVVM], Submer Technologies and 2CRSi – a leading international supplier of HPC servers – are providing supercomputer-speed processing in high-density clusters to support real-time workloads for advanced Artificial Intelligence (AR) cybersecurity research applications at the JRC campus.

More Compute Power, Better Protection, Less Electricity

Submer’s advanced immersion cooling systems utilize an environmentally safe, dielectric cooling fluid that completely surrounds the computing hardware to deliver cooling power one-thousand times more efficient than air. This means 2CRSi can deploy more CPU and GPU clusters closer together in high-density configurations while protecting vital components from thermal and environmental risks and cutting total electric consumption by up to 50%.

Importantly, the entire installation is built using component standards set by the Open Compute Project (OCP) for hyperscale infrastructures. The 2CRSi servers will contain the latest, high-density configurations of Intel [$INTC] and Nvidia [$NVDA] processors powered by LiteOn [$2301:TW] power-shelf rectifiers. The Submer SmartPodX was designed specifically to support and perform under OCP specifications.

“This is one of our most important installations yet. It’s a mission-critical, high-density compute environment where physical space and energy compliance are important considerations,” said Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer. “We designed the SmartPod to address all of these issues – making this project a perfect use-case for our liquid immersion cooling platform.”

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