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Design & Functionality

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Plug&Play Solution

SmartPods can be easily deployed indoor or outdoor with minimum funcional requirements.
Submer's Immersion Cooling solution stands out for:
- Guaranteeing unprecedented IT Hardware densities
- Practicality
- Minimising the impact on the enviroment
- Improving datacenters operators working conditions

- Silent technology
- Sealed and clean environment
- No need to invest in raised floor
- No "hot spots"
- No need to move any air
- No environment temperature leaps
Thanks to its design and the use of a a specifically crafted SmartCoolant, SmartPods are the most resilient, highly efficient and practical LIC solution, offering you a unique Immersion Cooling experience.


The compact size and the modular nature of SmartPods allow you to assemble and combine them in any configuration (horizontally, vertically or in clusters) that best suits your needs.
Check our NextGen Datacenter section for further information about how to configure your SmartPods in a containerised, readily movable solution.

Total Control

The Panel-PC Touchscreen allows you to intuitively interact with the SmartPods and monitor its performances.
From the Submer portal, you can check all information, data and backlog of all your SmartPods.

Technical Specs

Pod Dimensions and Weight

Deployment requirements

Pod heat dissipation capacity
Server capacity per Pod
Max Pod power consumption
Typical coolant setpoint (bath exit)
Mechanical Power Usage Effectivness
Number of Pumps per Pod
Number of Pumps per Pod
Pod dimensions
Pod weight

Pod Coolant Capacity
Water supply
Flooring load capacity

Fire Suppression
Enviromental conditions
Pod power input: 400v/50Hz/16A (750 W max)
Elecrtical Protection: 16A breaker*
Pod must be grounded from its grounding screw with 10
or more gauge wire
Water connection: Threaded ON 40 (1 1/2" BSP)
Water Flow rate: -9-11 m3/h per Pod
Recommended water input temp: .; 32°C / 87°F Inhibitors and/or softeners: depending on Icing and Water quality conditions
Expected water return temp: 37°C / 99°F
Flow Control: Water Flow Meter Provided in Pod
800 kg/sqm without hardware inside
IBC/IFC policies may establish a containment of 10% for the largest single container volume in the installation (multiple options available)
Standard Air-cooled data center fire suppression system
-20 °c to 55°c / non-condensing humidity
22U and 45U models available
45-55 °C

Pod Technical Specifications

Width: 100cm,
Length 120 or 210cm (22U or 45U models)
Height: 110cm (180 cm with the lid open)
Full of coolant: -800 -1500 Kg (22U or 45U models)
-600 Lor -1300 L (22U or 45U models)

Compatible with any IT Hardware

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