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May 21, 2022

MicroPod Live Demo

How much do you know from Submer’s MicroPod? The MicroPod is our plug-and-play, datacenter-in-a-box solution. This immersion cooling solution is the perfect match for edge applications, colocation datacenters, cloud computing and telecommunication companies.

This immersion cooling technology has been specifically built to target the increasing needs of companies that need to bring their infrastructure closer to the customer. This single-phase phase immersion cooling solution is extremely flexible and modular. Submer‘s MicroPod has integrated secondary cooling and up to 7kW of heat dissipation.

Watch this video to take a deep-dive into our MicroPod, to understand how it works, how it’s built, the set up and more! Join Adrian Whelan our VP of Partnerships & Business Development, and Gloria Fluxà our Marketing Director to know further details from solution.

MicroPod, good things come in small packages!

Want to know more about the technical details from our immersion cooling technology product? Take a look at the link below!