About Us

Submer Technologies was born out of hands-on datacenter design, build and day-to-day operations. We help HPC, Datacenters and Hyperscalers be responsible world citizens, by delivering unrivaled PUE and densities, anywhere on this planet.




Our story


Submer was founded in 2015 by Daniel Pope and Pol Valls with the vision of building technologies to make data centers more sustainable.

Both Daniel and Pol have previous track records of taking tech ventures from startups to high-value companies (notably, creating, growing and operating large-scale data center infrastructures from inception to successful exit).

Our Vision

We believe that our digital world can be safer, more efficient, less expensive, and more environmentally friendly. Submer Technologies is solving the biggest problems of datacenter, supercomputer, hyperscale, and edge applications to make that future possible.


Submer EU Headquarters are located in the beautiful city of Barcelona in Catalonia, Spain. Barcelona is well known for being a key player in the industrial revolution and today is very strong when it comes to energy, chemical and metallurgy industries.

Our core Engineering and Management teams are located here, together with our chemical and manufacturing facility that allow us to produce up to 10.000 SmartPods per year.

Submer EU Headquarters

Submer North America are located in Ashburn, Loudoun County, Virginia. Ashburn’s Data Center Alley is the top data center market in North America. Just a stone’s throw from the Washington, DC, it forms an integral part of the Dulles Technology Corridor with +140 data centers in the area.

From this location we coordinate our North America business and manufacturing.

Submer North America


Daniel Pope

Chief Executive Officer

Diarmuid Daltún

Chief Commercial Officer

Pol Valls Soler

Chief Innovation Officer

David Montes

Head of Engineering

Scott Noteboom

Chief Technology Officer

Joan Besares

Operations Director

Gloria Fluxà

Marketing Director

Adrian Whelan

Channel Manager

Laura Marion

Partner Manager