Plug & Play Immersion at Scale

The easiest path to immersion cooling, this compact solution unlocks the potential of every square foot in your datacenter.


Efficient & Sustainable

High availability
Dissipate 140 kW+
Energy efficient ​
Minimized environmental footprint

Easy to Deploy

Compact solution for
complex layouts​ 
Fast Plug & Play deployments​
Connects to a standard water loop

Smooth & Predictable Daily IT Operations

Modular cable management​
Ready for standard 19” patch panels​
PDUs in dry zone

Planet-Friendly Power

Packing 140 kW+ of heat dissipation capacity, the SmartPod EVO does so while reducing your environmental footprint.

SmartPod EVO

Technical Specs

Heat dissipation capacity 140 kW+
Tank IT gear capacity 41 RU (19") / 39 OU (OCP ORv3)
Max power consumption 1600 W
Built-in redundancy 2N Pump / 2N CDU
*Values depending on model & operating conditions.

Easy to Deploy

Effortless from start to cool, the deployment of your SmartPod EVO couldn’t be any simpler.


Small Footprint

The SmartPod EVO is the perfect choice for Plug & Play deployments in complex layouts.


Configurable to
Your Needs

Front and back dry zones can be conveniently arranged for IT, power, or a combination of both.

Straightforward SLAs

Designed with functionality and operability in mind, the SmartPod EVO offers smooth servicing and predictability.

Ready for a more resilient datacenter?

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