3 Reasons the SmartPod EVO is the Perfect Plug & Play Solution 

Unlock the potential of every square foot in your datacenter

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SmartPod EVO benefits

Looking to try out immersion cooling? For high density without any hassle? 

The SmartPod EVO could be what you’re looking for. The easiest path to immersion cooling, this compact solution is the perfect plug and play solution for high-density environments. In this blog post, we’ll focus particularly on what makes the SmartPod EVO your best choice for straightforward cooling, exploring its compact design, fast deployment capabilities, and easy daily IT operations.  

SmartPod EVO: 3 Key Benefits 

The SmartPod EVO’s three key benefits of a compact design, quick deployment, and straightforward operations make it the perfect choice for plug and play.

1. It’s Compact

They say that good things come in small packages and the SmartPod EVO is no exception. Packing up to 140kW of power in the space of a single pod, it’s sure to bring space efficiency to your datacenter.  

Its small footprint also means that the SmartPod EVO can easily slot into flexible or complex layouts, enabling you to maximize your datacenter’s capacity.  

2. Deploy it – fast!  

Getting started with the SmartPod EVO is quick and hassle-free. Built-in Cooling Distribution Units (CDUs) streamline the setup process. Simply hook this immersion cooling pod up to water, power, and network and you’re good to go.  

Hooking the SmartPod EVO up to a water loop

3. Optimized for daily operations  

Designed with functionality and operability in mind, the SmartPod EVO offers smooth servicing and predictability. Its modular design features front & back dry zones that can be configured for either networking or power. Modular cable management guides and patch panels simplify setup and maintenance, while the ability to fit up to six PDUs per dry zone, complete with cable trays, enhances organization. Plus, the SmartPod EVO is adaptable; choose single or dual CDUs and upgrade anytime.  

Hybrid Deployment Possibilities 

The easiest path to immersion, the SmartPod EVO seamlessly integrates into a hybrid cooling system, combining immersion cooling with air-cooled racks. This flexibility makes it possible to achieve optimal cooling efficiency in various deployment scenarios. Let’s consider the following use case:   

  • Maintain 82.4⁰F (28⁰C) air for the room and 71.6⁰F (22⁰C) for the enclosed air racks  
  • Support a 7.2 MW Tier III design in immersion  
  • Accommodate 320kW enclosed air-cooled racks  
  • Facilitate daily IT and cabling operations with effective cable management in and out of the pods 
  • Optimize tank layout with external control boxes in walls  
Hybrid deployment use case with the SmartPod EVO
Hybrid deployment use case with the SmartPod EVO

The SmartPod EVO:  Plug & Play Immersion at Scale 

All in all, the SmartPod EVO stands out as the perfect plug & play solution with its compact design, fast deployment, and easy operations. Its compatibility with hybrid deployment systems also provides flexibility and efficiency.  

If you’re eager to deploy the SmartPod EVO or have some questions to ensure it’s the right fit for your facilities, our experts are on hand to guide you on your immersion journey.  

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