Submer supports Intel’s new Sapphire Rapids with immersion cooling

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Submer supporting Intel new sapphire rapids

Barcelona, Spain – 10.01.22 – Today Intel announces the release of its 4th generation Xeon Scalable processors – codenamed Sapphire Rapids. As the Submer-Intel partnership continues to advance, we are equally delighted to announce a new collaboration of Intel’s Xeon Scalable processors with Submer liquid immersion-cooling solutions.

The datacenter operating landscape continues to evolve, bringing forth a greater need than ever for alternatives to traditional air-cooled datacenters. Reducing power and water consumption is increasingly at the forefront of datacenter operator’s minds – and eco-conscious investors too.   

Immersion cooling is one of the most effective and efficient systems cooling methods, which simultaneously can dramatically reduce power and water use. 

The combination of Submer Immersion Cooling Pods, coupled with Intel’s Xeon Scalable Processors with available immersion warranty, is ready to change the way enterprise and hyperscale datacenters are designed, now and in the future.   

Together, we are making datacenters more powerful and sustainable – one datacenter at a time! 

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