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The LCC Advocates for a More Sustainable Future

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Submer joins the Liquid Cooling Coalition

Barcelona, Spain. March 15th, 2024 – Submer proudly announces its membership in the recently established Liquid Cooling Coalition (LCC), a premier industry forum comprised of stakeholders including industrial coolant producers, original equipment manufacturers, original device manufacturers, high-performance computing application operators, and datacenter providers. The LCC was formed for the advancement of highly efficient and sustainable liquid cooling technologies, products, and policy solutions, and to revolutionize information surrounding technology within datacenters and beyond. 

The Liquid Cooling Coalition: Mission & Vision 

While market trends such as AI circulate the media, how datacenters cool the subsequently hotter IT components needed to run them is typically not making headlines. Liquid cooling emerges as the key to the optimal use of resources; in fact, according to the International Energy Agency, the adoption of high-efficiency cooling systems has the potential to reduce electricity demand in data centres by 10%.  

The LCC’s mission is therefore to promote the widespread adoption of liquid cooling solutions for information and communications technology equipment. The coalition will educate both policymakers and the public, advocate for supportive policies, and foster collaboration among industry stakeholders. This hands-on approach to education and awareness of the impact of the industry will in turn accelerate the adoption of liquid cooling technologies globally.   

The Liquid Cooling Coalition (LCC) is proud to have Submer as a founding member. Submer’s strong commitment to environmentally friendly liquid cooling applications aligns with the coalition’s mission. We are excited to benefit from Submer’s leadership to help us usher in this fast growing and dynamic industry in a sustainable manner.”  

 Erica Thomas, Executive Director of the LCC 

Innovative Technology for a Greener Future 

Envisioning and pushing for more sustainable datacenter cooling through cutting-edge technology has long been one of Submer’s priorities, with its immersion cooling technology perfectly embodying this commitment. Through the use of a closed-loop system that efficiently dissipates heat, this technology reduces energy consumption and environmental impact. Plus, Submer’s technology utilizes biodegradable fluids and presents the possibility of heat reuse.  

“As liquid cooling becomes mainstream for datacenter cooling, the focus on establishing robust standards, enhancing education, and raising awareness is crucial. These elements are essential for fostering widespread adoption and optimizing the efficiency and sustainability of datacenter operations and are the main driver of our desire to become a founding member of the Liquid Cooling Coalition. 

Immersion cooling stands out as the liquid cooling technology that can provide the most advantageous total cost of ownership (TCO) and environmental, social, and governance (ESG) metrics. Submers’ goal is to deliver future-proof and climate resilient datacenters with a strong emphasis on sustainability.” 

Daniel Pope, Submer Founder & CTO 

The Liquid Cooling Coalition has rolled out an ambitious agenda for 2024, from educational campaigns to government engagements, and will be attending DCD Connect New York, OCP Regional Summit, and Yotta Las Vegas.  

About Submer 

Founded in 2015, Submer provides best-in-class technology, enabling datacenters around the world to leverage the power of immersion cooling for HPC, hyperscale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL, and blockchain applications. Submer is headquartered in Barcelona, Spain, and operates a Gigafactory in Houston, Texas. For more information, visit

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