Submer Recruits Nathalie Cruchet as Head of ESG & Sustainability  

Cruchet to amplify sustainability tactics across the board

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Head of ESG & Sustainability Nathalie Cruchet

Barcelona, Spain. March 14th, 2023 – With sustainability forming a part of Submer’s DNA, the company continues to push the progression of its eco-friendly solutions by appointing Nathalie Cruchet as Head of ESG and Sustainability. Recognizing not only the high standards of Europe’s sustainability regulations but also the importance of making a difference on a global scale, Submer is positive the addition of Cruchet will upgrade internal practices and make its mission and the true potential of its solutions more evident to users

“The Submer management team is delighted to welcome Nathalie onboard. She will be an invaluable asset for incentivizing the positive impact of sustainability and ESG practices for our customers and throughout our entire supply chain.”

Pol Valls, Co-Founder, CSO & Investor Relations 

Cruchet brings a well-rounded wealth of experience particularly relevant for Submer with her 20 years of experience in the IT industry, a certification from the University of Cambridge in the Circular Economy and Sustainability Strategies, plus an array of volunteering experience. With her environmental passion initially derived from zero waste consultancy, she went on to look deeper into the way we consume, acting as a green team captain and worldwide sustainability representative. Cruchet not only succeeded in reducing digital footprints and C02 emissions, but also opened companies’ eyes to seeing the business benefits that come along with being more mindful of environmental effects.  

Cruchet was drawn to Submer, first and foremost by the mission of the company centered around reducing its impact on people and the planet; the use of Submer’s technology enables datacenters to operate sustainably, meeting the requirements for European Sustainable Economic Activities.

“I am thrilled to be part of Submer, as it marries everything I believe in. Combining strong compliance with EU sustainability standards and global reach, led by visionaries who are good people, with sustainability as a top value, it’s financed by green investors, and it’s developing a product that will dramatically reduce the energy and water consumption of the data-enabled economy.”

Nathalie Cruchet, Head of ESG & Sustainability 

Cruchet will be tasked with defining a clear strategy for ESG and sustainability, how this pertains to each department, and its implementation. Undertaking the reporting and certification of the editorial production and calendar, Cruchet will monitor and verify all findings related to her field. She will take charge of developing and implementing ESG tools and processes in order to demonstrate to Submer technology users just how green they can become with the scalable potential of its solutions.  

The timing of Cruchet’s incorporation ties in nicely with its ongoing efforts in its Immersion Center of Excellence to provide a fluid portfolio with a wider range of sustainable choices, standardize fluids within the industry, and accelerate the adoption of immersion cooling on a global scale.  

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