Submer And Gassecry Come Together For Innovative Immersion Cooling Project

Company expands footprint into Sweden

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Submer and Gassecry unite

08 APRIL, 2021 Barcelona. For immediate release.​ Today, SUBMER, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for datacenters and Cloud and Edge computing, announced its latest collaboration with Gassecry, a rapid energy changer company with a focus on building high-tech, sustainable datacenters. The partnership represents an ongoing collaboration, in which Submer will provide its SmartPodXL technology across a number of sites. The main goal of the partnership is to help Gassecry accomplish its vision of becoming a builder of sustainable, high-tech datacenters and become a leader within the industry for sustainability. Gassecry will become an advocate for Submer in the region and  will become the first datacenter in Sweden to implement Immersion Cooling technology. The collaboration is the first step in Gassecry’s journey to transform the Swedish datacenter industry.

The impact of the project

The need for more sustainable datacenters remains a prominent issue. The demand on datacenters continues to increase and datacenters must innovate in order to meet the needs of a hyperconnected world. It is predicted that datacenter energy consumption will account for more than 8% of the global electricity supply by 2030 (1). Datacenters must invest in solutions that ensure it remains economically and operationally viable in order to survive. 

About the Solution

In the partnership, Submer will provide Gassecry with their SmartPodXL product, which will be installed throughout Gassecry’s edge-datacenters, which have a capacity of 50-100KW per site and mainly consist of standard 19” rack servers.

The SmartPodXL uses single-phase Immersion Cooling, a technique in which computer components or full servers are submerged in a thermally, but not electrically, conductive liquid (dielectric coolant) allowing higher heat transfer performance than air and many other benefits. The installation will dramatically reduce the amount of space needed to construct datacenters while maintaining an unrivaled IT hardware density and achieving huge savings on electricity and zero waste of water. In addition to this, Immersion Cooling allows the municipalities to take control of their energy supply and heat surplus. Gassecry will use their excess heat to power local communities, and municipality buildings, hotels and sewage plants, something which is not possible when using other cooling techniques.

‘Submer provides the most mature immersion cooling system in the market with reliable products that are trusted throughout the industry. We are confident that Submer’s technology will enable us to achieve our mission of building sustainable edge data centres which will be a vital part of our Geoscale concept that we are developing in northern Sweden.

David Sardén, CEO of Gassecry 

 “Submer is proud to partner with Gassecry in their pursuit to become more sustainable. Sustainability has been at the heart of everything we do at Submer since we began and Immersion will be a key technology that assures efficiency in existing and future infrastructure.” 

Daniel Pope, CEO of Submer

Find out more about the collaboration in the first of a 4 part video series here.

About Submer

Founded in 2015, the company provides best-in-class solutions for HPC, hyper-scale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL, and blockchain applications. Submer allows data centers around the world to harness the power of immersion cooling to reduce consumption, costs, and latency while simultaneously increasing deployment speed and computer density per sqm. Submer is committed to providing the industry with state-of-the-art technological solutions that are innovative and smart while simultaneously increasing levels of sustainability and efficiency.

Headquartered in Barcelona, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts.  

About Gassecry

Gassecry consists of a group of entrepreneurs who started Gassecry in November 2017 by acquiring a military surveillance bunker in Överkalix, located about 90km north of Luleå. 

Today Gassecry has two data centres built and is staffed by committed co-workers who constantly search for solutions to improve the business and solutions that can be connected to the core business. During the construction of the first sites. it became eminent that there is a lack of network providers in northern Sweden. This has led to Gassecry’s vision of an independent Internet- Backbone, which in return makes the Geoscale model possible.

Gassecry’s headquarter is located in Luleå, Sweden and consists of a team of entrepreneurs and facilitators.

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(1)On Global Electricity Usage of Communication Technology: Trends to 2030 – 

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