Submer And PeaSoup Unite To Disrupt UK Datacenter Industry

Immersion Cooling technology now available in United Kingdom

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peasoup and submer

13 APRIL, 2021 Barcelona. Today, SUBMER, a leading innovator in advance Immersion Cooling solutions for Data Centres, Cloud and Edge computing, announced its latest collaboration with PeaSoup, a leading UK cloud provider with the heritage of disrupting the cloud market by embracing innovative technologies. The scheme represents an ongoing joint project between both companies. In the collaboration, Submer has supplied its SmartPodX, a self-monitoring, reporting and energy-efficient data centre unit utilizing immersion cooling technology. This business relationship was born out of the companies shared mission to disrupt the Cloud/Data Centre industry by providing more sustainable, robust and efficient solutions. The deployment will be the first of its kind commercially deployed in the United Kingdom

The impact of the Submer and PeaSoup Collaboration

The Cloud/Data Centre industries are on a journey towards “green” technologies. Firstly, the pressure on these industries is huge as the demand for the Cloud and Data Centres continues to grow so does the need for greater compute capabilities. Secondly, there is a call to adopt more sustainable technologies which reduce the impact on the environment. In the UK alone, the Government announced its goals to aggressively reduce carbon footprint by over 68% by the end of 2030 and ambitious net-zero emissions by 2050. Cloud Providers and Data Centres must invest in solutions that ensure it remains economically and operationally viable in order to grow. 

Submer has provided PeaSoup with their SmartPodX. The modular solution forms part of PeaSoup’s new “Eco Cloud” service that delivers high-power computing from an immersive cooling technology and VMware hyper-converged infrastructure (HCI) architecture.

The SmartPodX uses single-phase immersion cooling, a method in which computer components or full servers have been immersed in a biodegradable dielectric liquid (non-conductive) allowing higher heat transfer performance; around 1,000 times more efficient than air. Submer has created its very own proprietary liquid named SmartCoolant. In this project, the IT servers have been immersed in SmartCoolant fluid inside the SmartPodX unit.

The SmartCoolant allows PeaSoup to deploy CPU and GPU clusters much closer together, i.e. in high-density configurations, while protecting vital components from thermal and environmental risks. The project represents a pioneering deployment and is the first of its kind in the UK.

How will Submer help PeaSoup achieve their goal

“One of PeaSoup’s mottos is to constantly evolve in providing better and more reliable services to our clients. This “tech collaboration” provides just that, and this unique tool enables us to reach new heights with green cloud solutions. Our investment in the Submer SmartPodX allows us to provide new and existing organisations with a low carbon footprint Eco Cloud services. Our Eco Cloud services (incl. cloud infrastructure, disaster recovery and backup and recovery) offer high computing power, resilient and secure cloud environment.

After an initial conversation, Submer has fully understood our unique needs. Its SmartPodX was a perfect fit delivering turnkey immersion cooling, easy to deploy technology, all the way to certified hardware with a guaranteed very low energy consumption. We expect this investment to further enhance the growth of our services beyond the UK and further contribute to net-zero emissions. Green cloud infrastructure is a fast-growing segment in the fast and ever-expanding cloud market”.

Martin Bradburn, CEO of PeaSoup

“The SmartPodX was specifically designed to address companies like PeaSoup cloud requirements. This project makes a perfect use case for our liquid immersion cooling platform where high-density, simplification of deployment and high-power computing environment are important considerations. The UK Data Centre industry is a key market for Submer, now and in the future and we are proud to be working with PeaSoup on this project”.

Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-founder of Submer

About Submer

Founded in 2015, the company provides best-in-class solutions for HPC, hyper-scale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL, and blockchain applications. Submer allows data centers around the world to harness the power of immersion cooling to reduce consumption, costs, and latency while simultaneously increasing deployment speed and computer density per sqm. Submer is committed to providing the industry with state-of-the-art technological solutions that are innovative and smart while simultaneously increasing levels of sustainability and efficiency.

Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Ashburn, Virginia and Palo Alto, California, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts.  

About PeaSoup

PeaSoup was formed to drive innovation and disruption in the Cloud Market. The PeaSoup cloud uses a hyper-converged infrastructure and the company was the first in Europe to use this cloud architecture.

In striving to find competitive advantages through the innovative use of technology and deliver a more efficient service to the customer, PeaSoup focuses on the environmental controls around the servers in the datacentres. The company has recently invested in fully ecological datacentres utilising immersive (liquid) cooling. This technology provides a highly effective deployment, simplification of datacentre design reducing floor space by increasing infrastructure density with no raised floors or aisles separation.

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