Discover the complete eBook series: “The 5 pillars to build a Smart Datacenter”

What makes a datacenter “smart”? Is it a well-planned consumption of electricity? Is it a wise use of the resources? Is it software? Or is it hardware? In these five eBooks, we will describe the strategic, practical and economic pillars that you should take in consideration if you want to make your datacenter smarter and more sustainable.

Do you want to improve the performance and the efficiency of your datacenter? Do you think that datacenters have a social and environmental responsibility? Then, The 5 pillars to build a Smart Datacenter is the eBook series you were looking for!

#1 PUE, DCiE and WUE

In the first eBook, we analyze three fundamental metrics that can help you to determine how efficient your datacenter is: Power Usage Effectiveness (better know as PUE), its reciprocal Datacenter Infrastructure Efficiency (DCiE) and Water Usage Effectiveness (WUE).

PUE, DCiE and WU
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#2 Power Density and Space Efficiency

In the second eBook, we focus on two aspects strictly related one to another: power density and space efficiency.

Pillars to build a smart datacenter
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#3 Software-defined power

In this the eBook, we analyze a “marketing term” that has entered the IT lexicon: Software-Defined Power, a smart tool that can help you improve the power distribution and management of your datacenter, increasing its efficiency.

Pillars to build a smart datacenter
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#4 Resources and Energy Consumption

In the fourth eBook, we focus on the resources and energy consumption a datacenter needs to face and how it is possible to run a datacenter in a more sustainable way. We also point out some possible solutions aimed at improving datacenters efficiency and sustainability.

Pillars to build a smart datacenter
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#5 Costs

In the fifth eBook, we analyze what datacenters and HPC can do to run their operations in a smarter way from an economic (and clearly operational) point of view.

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We do understand that the construction, the operating and the maintenance of a smart datacenter need to take in consideration a broader spectrum of variables. That’s why we’d like to invite you to read the other four eBooks of the series The 5 pillars to Build a Smart Datacenter.