The 5 Pillars for Building a Smart Datacenter: #5 Costs

How much does it cost to run a datacenter? What solutions can datacenters implement to help reduce these costs?

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Welcome to the fifth and final eBook of the series: The 5 pillars to Build a Smart Datacenter. What makes a datacenter “smart”? Is it a well-planned consumption of electricity? Or is it a wise use of the resources? Is it just software or does hardware play an important role as well? In these five Submer eBooks, we will describe the strategic, practical and economic pillars that you should take in consideration if you want to make your datacenter smarter and more sustainable.

  1. PUE, DCiE and WUE
  2. Power Density and Space Efficiency
  3. Software Defined Power
  4. Resources and Energy Consumption
  5. Costs

In this fifth eBook, we will analyze some of the costs datacenters need to face, and we will show how the implementation of certain solutions can help datacenter operate in a smarter way from an economic (and clearly operational) point of view.

1. The Cost of a Datacenter

What is the real cost of a datacenter? Is it more profitable to buy an already existing facility or build a new one? Or is colocation a viable third option? Clearly, this is not a ‘one size fits all’ situation. It is not our intention here to offer a universal solution that works for all.

There are many elements that contribute to the costs of operating and maintaining a datacenter, we will give an overview of each of them within this e-book. Typically, the most expensive component for a datacenter is its IT hardware. Other expenses which must be considered are cooling, maintenance, personnel, energy, etc.

In the following sections, we will outline the costs associated with a traditional air-cooled datacenter, and we will highlight the benefits from an operational and economic standpoint of an immersion-cooled datacenter with the same MW capacity.

But let’s start by considering the five main elements that determine the operational costs of a datacenter:

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