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2023 OCP Global Summit

We packed up a pod and made a splash at the 2023 OCP Global Summit, that took place from the 17th to the 19th of October in San Jose, California.  As long-standing collaborators in the Open Compute Project, this event always marks a milestone in our year. The Open Compute Project is a collaborative, vibrant community dedicated to developing open-source hardware designs and specifications for datacenters and high-performance computing

It’s a way for us to connect with like-minded, forward-thinking individuals in open IT ecosystem development, share our advancements, stay at the forefront of industry developments, and forge valuable partnerships in the tech space.  This year’s theme of “Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration” couldn’t have been more fitting, especially seeing as we had some exciting announcements up our sleeves… 

Big News!

Through innovative engineering and science from our collaboration with Intel, single-phase immersion cooling will now be a competitive cooling solution for higher TDP systems. The introduction of the Forced Convection Heat Sink (FCHS) marks the initial milestone on the path toward effectively cooling Intel silicon exceeding 1000W. This technological breakthrough stands to substantially reduce the quantity and costs of server components that deal with heat capture and dissipation, setting single-phase immersion cooling apart as a frontrunner among competitive liquid cooling technologies. 

We showcased the SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3: the latest achievement to come from our long-term innovation and collaboration with the Open Compute Project (OCP). Boasting several advancements and cutting-edge features, the SmartPod OCP ORv3 most stand-out attribute is its IT hardware density of up 100 kW per tank. This new iteration of the SmartPod marks remarkable progress for the Open Rack project’s primary goal of creating more efficient and flexible rack-level infrastructure for datacenters.  

Plus, (as if both these huge announcements weren’t enough!), material startup METAseismic hosted a panel on its recent research that led to successfully tested its novel compact and lightweight seismic protection pads for the highest level of seismic forces per NEBS GR-63 standards. The tests confirmed that the integrated system can withstand the strongest seismic event with no damage or interruption of functionality.

Why We’re Pioneering with OCP 

Our Solutions Engineer Oriol Chavanel heads our OCP efforts that branch off into areas such as fluids and chemistry, hardware, and design. Being Involved in multiple different workstreams allows us to encompass emerging trends and tackle complex datacenter challenges head-on

We understand that choosing the right elements for your particular immersion cooling solution can be complex (servers, nodes, capacity, etc.).  Having OCP’s expertise across the board is always a tremendous advantage and makes the decision-making process for immersion cooling adopters a whole lot easier. 

Our Keynotes Were Not Ones to Be Missed 

We were excited to present not one but three captivating keynote speeches: 

  • CEO Daniel Pope will join Intel to present some breakthrough findings from our collaborative projects
  • OCP Lead Oriol Chavanel explored the intricacies of power distribution in immersion cooling 
  • Head of Fluid & Chemistry Peter Cooper delved into fluid compatibilities  

Summarizing the 2023 OCP Global Summit

All in all, we’re confident that Submer made a significant impact at the 2023 OCP Global Summit. As we continue to embrace the theme of “Scaling Innovation Through Collaboration” in our day-to-day, we invite you to join us on our immersive journey towards an energy-efficient future. Whether you’re a hardware enthusiast, software guru, or immersion cooling has simply caught your eye, you still have the chance to book a one-on-one chat with us and get all your questions answered. 

Destination: Sustainable Cooling! 

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