Open Compute Project

Efficiency, Sustainability and Density

OCP and Submer

2018: Submer joins the Open Compute Network.

2019: In March, we launched the SmartPodX, the very first commercially available Immersion Cooling system based on OCP principles, that conforms to both standard server formats and to Open Compute Project specifications for high-performance and supercomputing.

2020: Submer becomes a Platinum Member of the Open Compute Network and a registered Solution Provider. We are committed to supporting the OCP standards and working together with other members of the Open Community based on the principles of openness, innovation and sustainability.

2021: Submer co-creates "The Network Backplane" together with Samtec and 2CRSI: a solution that takes the cables off the table, thanks to a robust blind-mated connector solution. This same year, Submer launches at the OCP Global Summit the Autonomous Datacenter Assistant: ADA (you can check the info in our "Learn" section).

Submer solution designed according to OCP principles will give you...

  • A Power Usage Effectiveness of 1.03

  • 25-40% savings on TCO

  • Up to 100kw compute density

  • A reduction of latency and an increase of speed deployment

  • A 30% in Hardware life-span

  • A less 60% in Hardware of failure rate

  • 50% savings on CAPEX building costs

  • 95% savings on cooling OPEX

  • Zero waste of water

  • A heat re-use

Efficiency, Sustainability
and Density

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