Empowering Open: meet Submer & Hypertec at OCP Global Summit 22

Join us in San Jose this October!

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Submer and Hypertec at OCP Global Summit 22

A new edition of the OCP Global Summit is here! The OCP Global Summit 22 will take place from October 18th–20th. Will Submer be exhibiting at the event? The answer is yes! We’ll be exhibiting with Hypertec! It’s been a long time since we joined the OCP family, and this event is one of our most anticipated moments of the year.

This year’s theme is “Empowering Open“. The focus this year are the challenges industries are trying to solve regarding how to meet the demand for advanced computing, storage, and network performance.

Submer & Hypertec booth:B24

What will you find at our booth during OCP Global Summit?

Last year, we presented ADA, our Autonomous Datacenter Assistant, so what do we have for this year?

Submer & Hypertec, together during #OCPSummit22

We’ll be exhibiting with our esteemed partner, Hypertec. We are offering a packaged solution which is plug and play: Submer tank + Hypertec immersion-ready hardware. This is the perfect time to discover everything you need to know about our partnership and how it could benefit you.

The shift to liquid cooing has been greater than ever over the past 12 months. The same can be said for the adoption of modular solutions, as well as for the Edge. By visiting our booth, attendees of the OCP Global Summit 22 will have the opportunity to discover how together we are solving the problem of how to cool compute in an efficient and innovative way.

Submer’s commitment to OCP and the whole community is stronger than ever. At Submer’s & Hypertec’s booth, attendees will have the chance to see our Immersion cooling technology LIVE. But there will be more surprises. Stay tuned to discover more!

By visiting our booth we strengthen positions and discussed potential collaborations to achieve together companies’ business goals.

PS: we also exhibited at Supercomputing ’22. Click here to discover everything you missed from the SC Conference this year.

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