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Immersion Cooling Leveraging Social Responsible Data Centers

The Impact of Data Centers on Society and Environment

May 5, 2016

By Diarmuid Daltún

Welcome to the wave of the "socially responsible" Data Center, or not. The bottom line from the NGO Natural Resources Defense Council (NRDC) paper is that nearly half of the Data Centers do not define energy efficiency objectives. They don't even have an energy efficiency plan in place.

One of the references analysed is the survey conducted by Digital Realty Trust in January 2013 which concluded that only 20% of the 300 North American Data Center companies with revenues of at least $1 billion and/or more than 5,000 employees have a PUE below 2.0, with the average at 2.9.

The main recommended actions coming from this paper to the medium-large Data Center are basically the following:

  • Measure and disclose your Data Center utilization metrics (including implementation of DCIM). Expose your utilitzation metrics in your customers bill!
  • Specially for Co-lo facilities, create pricing models that incentivize your customers energy efficiency (maybe you can provide a cheapear kWh price for customers submerging servers).
  • When possible, implement modular Data Centers to improve operations and services.
  • Get c-level (top managers) buy-in to align IT and facilities organizations to drive energy efficiency across the Data Center.

Having an energy efficiency plan in place isn't just one of the first steps of being sociably responsible, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) in the Data Center is as much (or more) an economic imperative as it is an environmental one. It actually pays-off pretty reasonably.

Now imagine for a moment that you can slash your cooling costs by >90%. There's not a single efficiency plan that can achieve this for a Data Center without taking into consideration Immersion Cooling.

At Submer we take CSR very seriously, to the extent that we try to enforce it on every action we take. Some of our initiatives are:

  1. Working with local providers allows us to lower the carbon footprint manufacturing and assembling our product.
  2. Submer is the first (and only) Immersion Cooling solution on the market that uses 100% biodegradable dielectric coolant. Our competitors might be able to reduce CO2 emissions, but their mineral based coolant liquids are a hazardous threat to the environment.
  3. Submer is an Approved Endorser of the European Code of Conduct for Data Centres Energy Efficiency. Our focus is to design and promote game-changing solutions around energy efficiency.

Implement Submer Smart Pods today and boost your Data Centers' energy efficiency plan to the next level. Be truly socially and financially responsible.

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