Industry 4.0 and Submer

What is Industry 4.0 and how are we implementing it at Submer?

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industry 4.0 and submer

Industry 4.0 and Submer

When you think of the industrial revolution, most people probably think of the first industrial revolution which was characterized by the rise of machines and was the first time the idea of automation was introduced into the manufacturing process to replace what had previously been done by hand. But there is a new revolution happening, Industry 4.0.

The Fourth Industrial Revolution (or Industry 4.0) is the ongoing automation of traditional manufacturing and industrial practices, using modern smart technology. Large-scale machine-to-machine communication (M2M) and the internet of things (IoT) are unified for increased automation, improved communication, and self-monitoring. Machines now have the ability to analyze and diagnose issues without the need for human intervention. 

Unlike its predecessors, Industry 4.0 is expected to be marked by breakthroughs in emerging technologies in fields such as robotics, artificial intelligence, nanotechnology, quantum computing, biotechnology, the internet of things.

industry 4.0 and submer warehouse

Industry 4.0, is fundamentally focused on joining together the Physical world and the world of Data or more simply, the internet to gain new insights into processes, as well as introducing new technologies.

Industry 4.0 and the Datacenter Industry

 It could be argued that datacenters will be one of the industries that will advance the most as a result of industry 4.0. They are, after all, the ‘machines’ that facilitate the technology which has catalyzed the revolution.   

Previously, in order to remain competitive and cost-efficient,  large datacenters have been built in largely unoccupied areas of the globe. However, as the increase for demand from users continues as does the need for 0 to minimal latency and higher density compute capacity, datacenters are turning to edge-ready solutions, smarter more efficient ways of cooling, and implementing scalable modules, allowing them to be optimized and cost-effective.

So, what does this mean for Submer? 

For Submer, a smart Datacenter is a datacenter that makes sense. From a product perspective, we have a number of products that actively incorporate technologies that contribute and enable customers to adopt an Industry 4.0 approach. 

The Network Backplane

The Network Backplane is just the first step towards smart datacenters and has been conceived to offer a reference design compatible with traditional and OCP servers, facilitate autonomous serviceability of networking and server nodes and take intra-rack communication to the next level and enable a new generation of TOR switch density gains.

“When we launched the Smart DC project, we wanted to offer datacenters, hyperscalers and supercomputers a series of solutions to help them improve their energetic and operational efficiency. Submer and Samtec, together with 2CRSI,have designed a solution that takes the cables off the table. Thanks to a robust blind-mated connector solution this technology allows an endless range of possibilities” .

Scott Noteboom, CTO of Submer.

The MicroPod and The MegaPod

Our two newest products, the MicroPod and the MegaPod, are purpose-built to meet the requirements of Industry 4.0. Smart infrastructure, that is, utilizing the space in the most efficient way possible is a necessity. With Submer’s solutions, datacenters can dramatically reduce space, while simultaneously improving their power density and efficiency. 

The MicroPod incorporates Submer’s industry-leading technologies with a compact, modular, plug-and-play, datacenter-in-a-box configuration that allows for fast deployment in any location, including direct sunlight and an easy plug-and-play installation with an unrivaled energy footprint.

The MegaPod, Submer’s latest solution incorporates Submer’s innovative Immersion Cooling technology, into a compact, modular, prefabricated datacenter-in-a-box configuration that allows for fast deployment in any location and simplified commissioning with an unparalleled energy footprint. Simplifying site selection by including completely dry-cooled (zero water requirement) options.  The solution allows for up to 800 kW of compute power in a 40’ modular footprint, even including dry-cooler and critical power modules. 

The specifications of both products make them the perfect choice for those wishing to operate within Industry 4.0 framework.  – no matter the size of the Datacenter you require, Submer has a solution for you that can help you streamline your Datacenter operations, increase cost-efficiency and compute capabilities and decrease latency and space per sqm.

The Submer Factory and Industry 4.0

At submer, we’re not only developing new technologies to help others advance their offerings but also ensuring that we are adopting and trialing processes that improve our customer experience and efficiency.

We spoke with our Head of Operations Joan Besares to find out how our Operations department is implementing Industry 4.0 in the Submer factory to ensure our customers get the best experience and service. 

Kat: So Joan, now that we know more about Industry 4.0, can you tell us more about how we’re working towards implementing industry 4.0 within the Submer Factory? 

Joan: Hi Kat, sure. There are a number of things we are doing in order to work towards industry 4.0. This includes automated testing at the factory and partners sites, all connected to each other to share results. This gives us access to information in real-time and allows us to make faster and better decisions without wasting time. (This previously may have taken a day or two). This information is shared seamlessly between clients and partners and is available for our employees and clients and visitors. 

Kat: That sounds great, it’s nice to know that we’re offering innovative ways of thinking both in terms of our products and behind the scenes. It really fits with the Submer way. Now everyone is clear on what we are doing, I’m sure people are going to be wondering why we are doing it, could you explain the reasoning behind implementing these kinds of processes? 

Joan: Like you already mentioned Kat, we’re always working hard at Submer to ensure that not only is our technology innovative but also the way that we work. That way we can ensure that the service we are providing to our customers is the best it can possibly be. To be more specific, we have seen two main benefits since implementing these new processes. 

  • Transparency is important for us, as we believe the customer has a right to know where and what they are truly buying. By being connected to all of our clients and customers, we are able to increase the transparency in the all value chain and reassure the customer that they are getting the best possible service from trusted suppliers and partners. 
  • The processes allow us to create and implement better strategies and be more resilient to every situation. Planning is the best way to ensure that everything goes smoothly no matter what comes up. Of course, not everything can go perfect all of the time but by investing time in resilient processes we can ensure that we deal with any issues as fast and efficiently as possible, with minimal inconvenience to the customer. 

Of course, all of this wouldn’t be possible without the team. We are lucky to have the best team who are very open-minded and are constantly thinking outside of the box to allow us to create the tools and processes which can be easily adjusted to meet the demands of production and are flexible and resilient enough to scale up when needed. 

Kat: You’re right Joan, it really is all about the team, I’m sure we’ll be constantly working towards improving more and more. Thank you for your time. 

Why Submer?

What is clear is that Industry 4.0 represents a great opportunity to grow businesses and implement solutions that will truly change the way that we communicate with one another and change the way that we work forever. 

 When you choose Submer,  you can be sure that you’re not just investing in technology that solves today’s problems, you’re building a reliable foundation for the future that’s ready to support growth and adapt to evolving trends, both in and outside the factory. Learn more about our products and services here.

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