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Array of new initiatives to support wider adoption of Immersion.

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Submer announcement at OCP Global Summit 22

18th October, 2022 Barcelona. For immediate release.​ Today, SUBMER, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions for Cloud, Edge and data center computing, is announcing a collection of initiatives established to fully support the community in its adoption of Immersion cooling technologies. The schemes provide support to users at all stages of adoption from planning and testing to maintenance and operations. This latest move comes after a successful investment from sustainability-focused growth funds earlier this year, and the company’s commitment to supporting the wider adoption of Immersion cooling through its innovative technology and in-house expertise.  

The impact of Submer’s initiatives on the OCP community

With 6 in schemes in total, Submer is ensuring the OCP community is fully surported no matter which stage they are at in adopting Immersion cooling. More information on the 6 initiatives below.

New Factory and Customer Briefing Center in Barcelona

Following the announcement of Submer’s Gigafactory in Houston earlier this year, at the core of the strategy is a brand-new factory in Barcelona. The new facility will ramp up to a capacity of 50 MW per month by Q3 ‘23 to support the demand for Immersion and drive wider adoption of the technology.  

Launch of an Immersion Center of Excellence to accelerate certification, test and product integrations. 

In addition, it will house a best-in-class Immersion Center of Excellence and Certification Lab that includes Fluid, IT hardware, and immersion platform certification services under ISO 17025 . The facilities will be available to all members of The Open Compute Project (OCP) community to test and validate the technology and its integration aligned with Submer’s commitment to supporting adoption at any stage. The lab is a key element of Submer’s Customer Briefing Center and Product Showroom, the largest in the industry, that aims to show how a next-generation Hybrid and Immersion Datacenter will be operated and sustained. The formal inauguration of the factory is planned for November ‘22 with customers already securing production capacity and attending executive briefing facilities. 

Submer Certified Fluid Strategy with Partners supporting Intel/OCP Open Fluid Specification  

Since we began, Submer has placed great importance on our in-house-developed fluid, SmartCoolant. After 5 years of developing, testing, and integrating the SmartCoolant, Submer is proud to endorse Intel’s initiative of an Open Fluid Specification. Submer recognizes the importance of collaboration and is opening its doors to some of the top companies in the Fluid and Chemical space to certify their formulations to work within the existing product line. All formulations developed in collaboration will enjoy the full support and warranty that Submer provides with its SmartCoolant. Submer and its partners will develop a Fluid Roadmap to tackle specific pain points of the industry, such as higher densities, use of natural resources, heat reuse and sustainability targets.  The center is another in Submer’s journey to explore, develop and collaborate with companies that are innovating with sustainable and renewable technologies.  

New Services Division

In recognition of the importance of Customer Care and Service, Submer has assembled a new division dedicated to addressing the barriers to entry to Immersion cooling and thereby accelerating the adoption of immersion technology. worldwide. This new division will be led by Gerard Ballbé, who will work to offer Customer Care and Life-cycle Services for Submer products and accompany our customers in their daily data center operations.  

The move will make available Submer’s knowledge of the industry and will highlight new spaces for the development and validation of Immersion cooling related components and fluids. Services offered by Submer will tackle operative and product development and validation challenges the industry currently faces. Some services can be tailor-made to meet customer needs and expectations and include Maintenace and Quality Control services. The new Immersion Center of Excellence will allow testing of all types of current and future IT hardware and fluids for their future use in new data centers, allowing for testing of the customer’s final configuration before it goes into production. The full range of available services will be unveiled at an OCP exclusive event after the Global Summit.

“We are very excited by the opportunities ahead of us and the OCP community . This is not only an opportunity to support the greater adoption of Immersion, but it also allows us to work together as an industry to ensure standards of quality and service are held to a high bar.  Submer will be at the forefront of the industry to assist and support those who need it. Only by working together can we meet the crucial sustainability requirements and ensure infrastructure is ready for the future.” 

Daniel Pope, Co-founder and CEO of Submer

New Sales and Go To Market Team for OEMs/ODMs

Following these three major initiatives, Submer has made two organizational changes to ensure it can successfully meet and support the community and industry needs. The first is the appointment of Quentin Ryan, who will lead and develop a go-to-market strategy for silicon vendors, original equipment manufacturers (OEM) and original design manufacturers (ODM). Quentin’s team will serve the industry worldwide to ensure the community and Submer’s IT hardware partners can expand their supply chains using Submer products, services, and technologies. This initiative will give our OEMs and ODMs partners a competitive edge and ensures compatibility, certification, integration and support of OCP standards. 

New OCP Leader at Submer 

To further ensure the success of the initiatives, Oriol Chavanel has been named as the company’s OCP community representative. Submer is the only vendor to offer OCP-ready immersed solutions for production environments, and Oriol is tasked with easing that transition to a more sustainable and efficient framework for members of the community. The naming of Oriol ensures that members of the OCP community have a point of contact that will support the Power Distribution in immersion roadmap and contribute to the development of wider adoption of immersion. By working with and being truly engaged in the community, Submer is demonstrating its commitment to making Immersion a viable and successful solution for everyone. 

Through strategic expansion like this, Submer can remain at the forefront of the industry by providing outstanding highly sustainable, and efficient technology solutions for both current and prospective partners and customers.”

Isidoro Porquicho, Chief Operating Officer at Submer

Submer will be exhibiting at OCP Global Summit, visit booth #B24 to discuss how the initiatives in more detail and how we can support your Immersion journey. If you’re not attending the event but would like to know more, book a call here.  

About Submer 
Founded in 2015, Submer provides best-in-class technology that enables data centres around the world to leverage the power of immersion cooling for HPC, hyperscale, data centres, Edge, AI, ML/DL and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Virginia and Palo Alto, California, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts. For more information, visit


Press: Kat Henshaw, 

OCP Community Representative: Oriol Chavanel,

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