Challenging Environments Are No Match for CampusGenius’ 5G Connectivity with Immersion Cooling 

Farmers’ remote terrains are now a part of our data-centric world

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Immersion cooling for CampusGenius

By leveraging immersion cooling, CampusGenius has enabled the use of 5G private networks (a.k.a. campus networks) across a variety of industries. In this Submer’s use case, we’ll home in on the details of agriculture specifically, where farmers and manufacturing companies alike have taken back control of their communications, gained a better visualization of their operations, and improved evaluation data.  

Uniting People and Technology with CampusGenius 

As the world becomes continuously more connected than ever, it is no longer viable to be solely reliant on Wi-Fi networks and an upgraded system of communication has become a necessity. That’s where CampusGenius comes in; founded in 2020, this company harnesses the power of 5G to provide smarter communications and business operations for a diverse range of verticals, thus bringing us into a new era of development and communication. 

To abide by CampusGenius’ heightened focus on security, reliability, flexibility, and high speed, the company chose Submer’s MicroPod to form a key component of its portable 5G network solution; an important piece in the puzzle of creating a future-proof communication platform for the digitalization of corporate processes

Connecting the Agriculture Industry 

Using Submer’s solutions has enabled CampusGenius to: 

  • offer a complete solution to the Farming industry to improve their operations and communications 
  • help the agricultural industry overcome the difficulties of outdoor connectivity over wide areas with the low or non-public coverage, strict regulations, and harsh environments that they often face  
  • successfully compete in a world that is increasingly reliant on data and digital business connections 

For an in-depth look on how CampusGenius put Submer solutions into practice, plus all the benefits they experienced from this technology, don’t hesitate to download the free use case below! 

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