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The smartest solution at the edge, our datacenter-in-a-box solution delivers high density compute power anywhere.


The MicroPod’s Many Benefits

Our all-in-one technology brings high performance right where you need it.


How Does 
the MicroPod Work?

The MicroPod for single-phase immersion cooling gives your computing a competitive edge. 


Technical specifications

  • Outdoor configuration: 5 kW (in direct sunlight)

    Indoor configuration: 6.7 kW

    Heat dissipation capacity (kW)

  • 19 inch / 6 U , 800 mm max depth

    OCP Solutions under request

    IT gear capacity (U)

  • 150 (L) x 84 (W) x 122 (H) cm

    59.1 (L) x 33.1 (W) x 48 (H) in

    Dimensions, L x W x H (cm, in)

  • Multiple options for integrated pass-through patch panel and cable management / Ethernet port


Submer MicroPod
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High-Stakes Applications

Be it a warehouse, office building, in the heart of a city or in a remote area with harsh-climate conditions far from the grid, the MicroPod provides cooling wherever you need it.

  • Utilities

  • Telecommunications 

  • Healthcare

  • Media & Entertainment

  • Financial Services

  • Smart Factories 
& Logistic Centers

  • Mining 
& Offshore Installations

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