The Network Backplane

Network Backplane - Taking intra-rack communication to the next level

Join us for a journey towards fully-automated, lights-out, smart datacenters.

The Network Backplane, presented by Scott Noteboom (CTO of Submer), at the OCP Tech Week 2020, is the result of a technical and a strategic partnership.  Submer and Samtec, together with 2CRSI,have designed a solution that takes the cables off the table. Thanks to a robust blind-mated connector solution this technology allows an endless range of possibilities.

Cable Connectivity Cable Connectivity

  • Current rack cable connectivity is designed for human hands
  • Weak mechanical reliability
  • Limited density
  • Prone to interference
  • Impossible to leverage robotics

Network Backplane Network Backplane

  • Compatibility with standard and Open Compute Project (OCP) racks
  • Creating a high-speed interconnection platform with no need of cables
  • Enabling a new generation of TOR switch density gains
  • Facilitating autonomous serviceability of networking and server nodes
  • Delivering high density and life-cycle reliability improvements