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On February 24-25th DCD towards Net-Zero took place. Referred to as the global conference on sustainability in the Datacenter industry, it is a key event in any datacenter enthusiasts calendar. See our CEO Daniel Pope participate in the Tech Showcase segment of the talk and give a live demo of our SmartPod technology.

What is it?

Over recent years sustainability has become a hot topic within the datacenter industry, with many companies investigating different ways to improve their efficiency and reduce their overall impact on the environment. 

This conference brought together major data center operators, energy professionals, policymakers, and technology innovators to explore the CSR challenges they face, the renewable energy alternatives, sustainable supply chains, carbon accounting, and the latest technologies as the industry strives to find its place in a more circular economy.

Watch the video of Daniel’s talk below.

Tech Showcase: SmartPod Technology Towards Net-Zero

What are your thoughts about sustainability and the datacenter industry? Can the industry truly be sustainable? What technologies does it need to implement in order to do so? Take a look at our other solutions here.

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