Submer Heads to OCP Regional Summit 2024

Tackling datacenter sustainability, energy efficiency, and heat reuse

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The Submer team is heading to OCP Regional Summit 2024, in Lisbon, Portugal from the 24th to the 25th of April. This year’s edition is set to explore how innovations from hyperscale datacenter operators can contribute to solving sustainability and efficiency challenges and the deployment of specific OCP-recognized datacenter equipment in the EMEA region. The Open Compute Project (OCP) has highlighted key areas of emphasis including datacenter sustainability, AI, security & data protection, power & cooling, and deployments, and we’ll be at booth A8 to discuss how immersion cooling is an asset to all of the above!

The Importance of OCP for the Industry

OCP is a collaborative, vibrant community dedicated to developing open-source hardware designs and specifications for datacenters and high-performance computing. It’s a way for us to connect with like-minded, forward-thinking individuals in open IT ecosystem development, share our advancements, stay at the forefront of industry developments, and forge valuable partnerships in the tech space.  

Technology on Show: The SmartPod ORv3 

At OCP Regional Summit 2024, we’ll display one of the many achievements to come about as a result of our collaboration with OCP: the cutting-edge SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3.  Following the Open Rack specification for more efficient and flexible rack-level infrastructure for datacenters, the SmartPod ORv3’s offers several benefits:

  • Increased Power Capacity: The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 is capable of running up to 100 kW of IT compute per tank. This increased power capacity enables data centres to seamlessly accommodate more demanding workloads and higher-performance computing hardware.  
  • Universal Power Distribution: The ORv3 standard features a universal power distribution design that enables compatibility with 48V to 54V power supply. This flexibility empowers datacenter operators to select the power distribution method best suited to their needs.   
  • Improved Cable Management: The SmartPod OCP ORv3 includes enhanced cable management features designed to streamline the organization of network data cables. In particular, the busbar power distribution reduces the number of power cords present and achieves a much higher level of operational efficiency.    
  • Enhanced Component Support: It accommodates different types of IT equipment, including various form factors and configurations, making it a versatile solution for different data center workloads.   
  • OCP-Ready: As with other Open Compute Project designs, the ORv3 is open-source and community-driven, encouraging collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Submer’s aforementioned participation in a variety of workstreams means improvements on products are constantly being identified and achieved. The SmartPod ORv3 and all of its environment enhancements would not have been possible without Submer’s partner network including Asus, Liteon, Murata, Molex, and TE Connectivity.    

At the OCP Regional Summit 2024, servers from partner networks will be showcased alongside the ORv3, underscoring the collaborative nature of OCP efforts. Come to booth A8 to see immersion-ready servers from Murata, ASUS, Hypertec, Molex, and FormericaOE.

Tackling Datacenter Challenges: Heat Reuse

Datacenter regulations are becoming stricter and more commonplace. For example, the Energy Efficiency Directive (EED) dictates that datacenters above 500kW need to annually report on their environmental performance as a result of their energy consumption, cooling efficiency, water usage, etc. Moreover, that datacenters with a total rated energy input over 1MW will also need to recover waste heat or prove it’s not possible.

We had the chance to sit down with one of the leading voices in the OCP community Jon Summers, Scientific Lead in Data Centres at the Research Institutes of Sweden (RISE), about his exploration into the capabilities of heat reuse with immersion cooling.

See You at the OCP Regional Summit 2024 

If cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions sound good to you, make sure to pay us a visit at booth A8. Or better yet, book a meeting with us directly using the link below! 

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