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There’s nothing like feeling the Submer magic between your fingertips! Wherever you are, NAM, LATAM, EMEA, APAC, worldwide! Meet our expert team at key industry events. Discover our Immersion Cooling technology products like the SmartPod or the MicroPod LIVE.

See for yourself the many benefits of Submer’s technology and how it can meet your needs. Believe us, it’s impressive!

Keep an eye on our upcoming events and join us!

In the last few months we were very busy exhibiting at all this events!

SEPTEMBER 2022! “Datacloud Nordics”
  • Datacloud Nordics
    • When? 21-22 September 2022
    • Where? Oslo, Norway.
    • Meet our team and our SmartPodX.
OCTOBER 2022! “DCW Singapore”, “DCW Madrid”, “OCP Global Summit” and “Futurecom”
  • DCW Singapore
    • When? 12-13 October 2022
    • Where? Singapore, Singapore
    • Meet our team in Singapore at booth #P50
  • OCP Global Summit
    • When? 18-20 October 2022
    • Where? San Jose, California
    • To learn more about this event click here.
  • Futurecom
    • When? 18-20 October 2022
    • Where? Sao Paolo, Brasil
    • Submer was joining forces with our partner, the Open Technology Group (OTG) at their booth
  • DCW Madrid
    • When? 26-27 October 2022
    • Where? Madrid, Spain
    • Submer was joining Fujitsu at the event, with our MicroPod!
NOVEMBER! “DCD Connect, “Supercomputing22” and “TowerXchange Asia”
  • DCD Connect
    • When? 7-8 November 2022
    • Where? Virginia, USA
    • We were hosting an exclusive lunch on 8 November
  • Supercomputing 22
    • When? 13-18 November 2022
    • Where? Dallas, Texas
    • Learn more about this event and our participation here.
  • TowerXchange Asia
    • When? 29-30 November 2022
    • Where? Singapore, Singapore

Visit us and see how we can work together towards #Datacentersthatmakesense while you submerge yourself in the magic of Submer’s SmartCoolant and many other surprises!

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If you have plans to attend any of these events, book a meeting with our expert team using the link below!

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