The Submer Experience 2022

February 24th, 2022

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On February the 24th of 2022, we hosted The Submer Experience LIVE from Submer’s HQ. Following on from the success of the previous year’s Submer Experience, we decided to bring you an even bigger and better event for 2022!  

We wanted to share some big developments in the industry over the past year and everything that happened at  Submer, including our latest innovation ADA.  

The Submer Team

Events wouldn’t be the same without our beloved, expert team! From the Robotics team to the Engineering team, from Sales to Marketing and our C-Level! They guided us around what happened at Submer during the previous year, giving context about product updates, use cases, Submer’s mission, our brand values and, much more!


Below you will find some of the questions we received during the event. The most common questions about our SmartCoolant are compiled, but also you will find more technical questions about our immersion cooling solutions and brand updates. Do you have more questions? Then worry not! We have a dedicated expert team ready to support you any time, so you can book an appointment with them or write us at

When do we need to remove the liquid?

The lifespan of the SmarCoolant is rated up to 15 years.

What is the filter system for the coolant look? Can the filters be changed while the system is running?

Yes! The SmartPod has an easy-to-clean filtration system that can be cleaned with the system in production.

What about particulates in ar getting into the liquid?

Particles are captured the first time they run through the CDU filtration system. Also, SmartPod and MicroPod lids have good sealing.

Can we use old legacy HW and submerge it in your liquid, or do we need to have a special HW?

Standard servers can be easily adapted to be used in immersion. By removing fans and swapping thermal paste for immersion compatible thermal paste – you can deploy a server in immersion. Also, already on the market from leading OEMs, you can purchase the first “immersion born” systems optimized for immersion, including full support and warranty.

How quickly can a server in a tank be upgraded? Does the server have to be completed dried off before something like ram or CPUs gets upgraded?

Servers are upgraded in similar time-frames that in traditional environments. You can pull a node out and place it on maintenance raise that allows you to upgrade the node right on top of the tank. No need to wait for the fluid to drain.

How is cabling organized from tank to tank?

When tanks are placed side-by-side, the dry zones from one tank can be communicated with the dry zones of others with the simple removal of covers. It’s also possible to route cabling from the dry zones’ cable management area towards the raised floor to other tanks – so it’s all hidden and you can’t see nasty cabling.

#TheSubmerEpxerience 2022 LIVE transmission

Did you miss the event? Then worry not! Find here the recording of the session! Enjoy it!

Stay tuned for more updates!

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