Submer continues expansion into LATAM with OTG partnership 

Full range of Immersion technology now available in Brazil

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submer and OTG press release

18 July, 2022, Barcelona.

SUBMER, a leading innovator in advanced immersion cooling solutions, announced its latest partnership with OTG (Open Technology Group), a company with a wide range of expertise in the designing, implementation and maintenance of Immersion cooling technologies. As a result of the partnership, companies will be able to purchase Submer’s innovative Immersion cooling technology and be at the forefront of sustainability. The partnership is the first of its kind in Brazil. 

What does the partnership mean for the LATAM datacenter industry?

The datacenter market has exploded in the LATAM Region over recent years. The market is expected to grow at 8.73% CAGR between 2022-2027.  This is because of several different factors. There has been a rapid increase towards digitalization over the last few years, particularly since the global pandemic. There has been significant investment from key players in the colocation market such as Equinix, HostDime and Ascenty. The government has also introduced several initiatives focused on AI which has increased the demand for high density compute.  Longevity and sustainability of the growth appears to be a key concern for the local governments, with Brazil’s Energy Expansion Plan (PDE). The plan aims to increase renewable energy installations to account for over 45% of the total primary energy supply by 2024. New facilities must adhere to current and future regulations and ensure they are investing in technology which is both sustainable and highly efficient. Existing facilities must invest now in technologies that will help to future-proof their growth. Immersion cooling is widely accepted as one of the best methods to achieve this. Immersion cooling offers high density compute with increased hardware lifespan while also dramatically reducing the environmental impact of facilities.  

“The LATAM datacenter market will grow in importance over the next five years. It is crucial that companies have access to technologies that will meet their needs in terms of power and density and sustainability. By joining together with Submer we are able to offer innovative technology that will future-proof clients infrastructure for years to come.”

Fabio Gomes, Executive Director of OTG

“Partnering with OTG really allows us to strengthen our position in the LATAM region, it’s great to see that customers and the government are really pushing for sustainable technologies and incentivizing companies to invest in sustainable technologies like our SmartPodX. We look forward to working with OTG and others in the future.”

Daniel Pope, CEO and Co-founder of Submer

The impact of the OTG and Submer agreement

Submer’s solutions have been specifically designed to harness the power of Immersion cooling. The company’s SmartPodX offers customers and data centers the density they need, with up to 100 kW capacity in a single tank, while also benefiting from a 95% reduction in CAPEX costs and other important environmental benefits such as heat reuse, improved efficiency and zero waste of water. Submer’s solutions are a great option to those wishing to expand the potential of their facility.  

The partnership with Submer helps to guarantee that Brazil and more widely, Latin America have access to innovative single-phase Immersion technology, that can easily address the issues that the market is facing.    

Customers can now purchase Submer’s solutions through OTG. Book a call with one of their experts and see what Immersion can do for you here.  

About Open Technology Group (OTG) 

OTG offers a variety of services, including: IT Professionals Outsourcing, Multi-vendor Maintenance Services and Cloud Computing. Our objective is to offer companies quality services, through experienced professionals in the main technologies and market methodologies, supporting the evolution of strategic business projects.  

OTG also help clients achieve true digital transformation, using emerging and exponential technologies as key enablers. They can build agile squads for the projects, as well as integrate legacies, migrate them to the cloud or develop new functionalities. For more information, visit: 

About Submer  

 Founded in 2015, Submer provides best-in-class technology that enables data centers around the world to leverage the power of immersion cooling for HPC, Hyperscale, data centers, Edge, AI, DL and blockchain applications. Headquartered in Barcelona, with offices in Austin, Texas Virginia and Palo Alto, California, Submer consists of an international team of engineering, technological and business experts. For more information, visit

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