The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 Advances Heat Dissipation Capabilities  

A Breakthrough in Rack-Level Infrastructure Technology

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SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3

Submer is proud to announce the latest achievement to come from its long-term innovation and collaboration with the Open Compute Project (OCP): the SmartPod OCP Open Rack V3 (ORv3). Boasting several advancements and cutting-edge features, the SmartPod OCP ORv3 most stand-out attribute is its IT hardware density of up to 100 kW per tank. This new iteration of the SmartPod marks remarkable progress for the Open Rack project’s primary goal of creating more efficient and flexible rack-level infrastructure for datacenters.  

Submer & OCP Synergies  

The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 is the third iteration of the Open Rack specification, which is an open hardware design standard developed by the Open Compute Project (OCP). OCP is a collaborative community that focuses on developing open-source hardware designs and specifications for data centers and high-performance computing. 

Submer’s deep-rooted involvement across several workstreams is spearheaded by OCP Lead Oriol Chavanel and spans fluids and chemistry, software, design, and more. Submer currently takes the lead on 2 workstreams and is the leading force in the adoption of immersion cooling.  

“Driven by Submer’s motivation to build a strong and reliable ecosystem for immersion, it made perfect sense for us to channel our efforts into the Open Compute Project initiative. The Immersion Project within OCP is an all-encompassing community that grows by the day and defines the vital requirements to make the shift from traditional air-cooled datacenters to immersion solutions. This convergence is where Submer excels, defining the ecosystem’s key components to deliver a complete immersive solution, as we saw before with the Open Rack version 2 which has now evolved into the Open Rack Version 3.” 

Oriol Chavanel, OCP Lead at Submer 

The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 is set to be unveiled for the first time at the 2023 OCP Global Summit held in San Jose, California on the 17th-19th of October.  

Key Characteristics of the SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3

The new features of the SmartPod OCP ORv3 that follow the Open Rack specification are as follows.  

Increased Power Capacity 

The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 is capable of running up to 100 kW of IT compute per tank. This increased power capacity enables data centres to seamlessly accommodate more demanding workloads and higher-performance computing hardware. 

Universal Power Distribution 

The ORv3 standard features a universal power distribution design that enables compatibility with 48V to 54V power supply. This flexibility empowers datacenter operators to select the power distribution method best suited to their needs. 

Improved Cable Management 

The SmartPod OCP ORv3 includes enhanced cable management features designed to streamline the organization of network data cables. In particular, the busbar power distribution reduces the number of power cords present and achieves a much higher level of operational efficiency.  

Enhanced Component Support 

It accommodates different types of IT equipment, including various form factors and configurations, making it a versatile solution for different data center workloads. 


As with other Open Compute Project designs, the ORv3 is open-source and community-driven, encouraging collaboration, innovation, and continuous improvement. Submer’s aforementioned participation in a variety of workstreams means improvements on products are constantly being identified and achieved. The SmartPod ORv3 and all of its environment enhancements would not have been possible without Submer’s partner network including Asus, Liteon, Murata, Molex, and TE Connectivity.  

“The SmartPod OCP ORv3 is the best possible outcome from our partnership built upon an exchange of expertise and collaborative spirit from all sides. To provide our customers with an end-to-end solution that enables 100kW per tank is an extraordinary feat and is a pivotal moment for the datacenter industry in terms of efficiency and performance.”

Joseph Lu, Deputy Director, Product Marketing at Asus

A Glimpse of What’s to Come 

Submer contributes its agnostic and cooperative approach to a number of successes and believes that collaboration is the most effective way of setting the benchmark for efficiency and excellence in the data centre industry. The SmartPod OCP Open Rack v3 marks the first milestone in many to come from the collaboration between Submer and OCP and embodies both parties’ commitment to the advancement of datacenter solutions.  

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