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HPC Smart Solutions

Submer has developed a full-immersion solution ideally suited to HPC applications. The SmartPod technology is the most efficient method to cool the new generation of supercomputing systems. Thanks to the smart design and the physical-chemical properties of the SmartCoolant, Submer’s solutions allow HPC to:

  • Cool unprecedented IT hardware density by uncapping thermal design limitations
  • Environmentally-friendly use >97% of power just to run compute and not cooling
  • Leverage Open HPC standards like OCP
  • Achieve unrivalled TCO thanks to:
    • Simplified node design (no fans, basic heatsinks, no in-server piping, simplified thermal design…)
    • Full installation PUE <1.03 anywhere on the globe (even in harsh-climate regions)
    • Simplified secondary cooling
    • Zero water consumption
    • 99% of energy captured with potential for re-use

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