What is Immersion Cooling?

Also known as liquid submersion cooling, it is the practice of submerging computer components (or full servers) in a thermally, but not electrically conductive liquid (dielectric coolant).

Is Immersion Cooling more efficient than air cooling?

Yes. As Immersion Cooling uses a thermally conductive liquid, it is ca. 1400 time more efficient than air cooling at transporting heat.

What kind of liquid does Submer use?

Submer uses their own in-house developed synthetic dielectric fluid (SmartCoolant) which does not conduct electricty, but is extremely efficient at dissipating heat and protects hardware from dust/sand particles and from moisture.

How often does the fluid (SmartCoolant) need to be changed?

With alifespan of 15-20 years, Submer’s SmartCoolant is designed to see multiplegenerations of IT Hardware.

Does SmartCoolant evaporate?

No. Submer's SmartCoolant does not evaporate at room or at operating temperatures.

Is Submer's SmartCoolant harmful?

No. SmartCoolant is non-toxic, biodegradable, innocuous to hardware and is classified as a food-grade fluid.

Is Submer's SmartCoolant harmful to the It Hardware?

No. On the contrary, it protects it from external elements such as moisture, dust/sand particles and extends its lifespan while reducing IT Hardware failures. eeee