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May 21, 2022

How does our cooling system work?

Are you curious about Submer? How does our cooling system work? What’s inside the tank? What makes our technology possible? We’ve produced a 15-minute video explaining everything you need to know about Submer and our immersion cooling solutions.

SmartPod & MicroPod Live Demo

From the SmartPodXL to the MicroPod, you will discover a live demo of our immersion cooling technology products in this video. But also give you a closer look at the technical specs of the SmartCoolant, our synthetic Fluid Tailor-Made for Immersion.

Join Daniel Pope and Bertil Brendeke in this video. They will guide you around Submer’s SmartPodX family products, providing more details about the configuration, the CDU, the dry zone and much more.

Also, Adrian Whelan, our VP of Partnerships & Business Development, and Gloria Fluxà, Submer’s Marketing Director, will guide you on a quick tour of the #MicroPod, our compact, modular, plug-and-play, datacenter-in-a-box solution.

If you want to know more about our technology, and all the benefits of working with Submer, look at the link below!