Harsh edge environments

How Submer Enabled Cellnex to achieve its business goals with its SmartPod Technology.

What challenge are you trying to overcome?

Finance industry needed next gen compute that demanded next gen cooling but were in a co-lo that was not immersion ready

The project in detail

Why did you change to immersion cooling?

Other cooling methods such as Air are unable to meet our specific needs and perform considerably worse in comparison to immersion when you consider factors such as cost, scale and density.

How many KW in the datacenter?

7 to 10kW per location


  • Able to operate in harsh conditions

  • 25% savings on TCO

  • High energy savings

  • Deploy multiple, edge and IoT based applications such as an autonomous vehicle

What technology or solutions is Submer providing you with? Why did you choose this?

The MicroPod

How much money are you saving with Submer’s Solutions?

One of our biggest savings refers to TCO, with Submer’s solutions we will make 25% savings on TCO versus Air based systems.

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