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Thanks to our SmartTools, you will discover how Submer’s technology can help you to face your datacenter challenges. Learn how the physical-chemical properties of the SmartCoolant and all the specific benefits of working with Submer (such as achieving a PUE <1.03 or reducing the latency) can contribute to improving the efficiency of your datacenter or HPC.

PUE calculator Smart configurator

Air cooled

KW Average per Rack: PUE: 1.67
Nº Rack: Heat dissipation per rack > 20 kw

Submer cooled

KW Average per Pod: 100 PUE: 1.02
Nº Pods: Heat dissipation per pod > 20 kw
Air cooled Submer cooled
racks Units pods
kw Total Power kW kw
kw/IT IT Load kw/IT
Total PUE
kw Annual Energy Use kw
$ Annual Energy Cost $
Annual TCO
Ft² Space Ft²
4 years IT life-span 6 years
90-180 days Deployment 15-40 days
85 Db Noise 40 Db
g/year Waste of water g/year
L/year   L/year
MT/ year Carbon footprint MT/ year
* Electricity $0.13 / kWh
Standard rack 1200x800mm
  * Electricity $0.13 / kWh
SmartPodXL > 100kW
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