Smart Solutions for a Connected, Safer World


Which is translated into substantial savings on CAPEX and dramatic OPEX reduction.

Low Latency

Bring compute where your customers most need it and guarantee low latency in any part of the world

More Density for
Better Performance

Achieve HW density >100kW and increase your computational capacity to support AI, ML and HPC applications

Submer’s Cleantech:
for Highly Efficient and Sustainable Telecommunications

  • TCO Reduction

  • Reduce Latency and Be Everywhere

  • Achieve High Density and Efficiency in a Sustainable Way

  • Get More Power Density in the Same Space

  • Improve your Performance

  • Be Environmentally Friendly

Submer Services for Telecommunications

  • Facility Analysis

  • Design and Planning

  • Deployment and Activation

  • Certified Immersion Hardware

  • All Necessary Certifications

  • Preventive and Corrective Maintenance

  • Control and Warranties

  • Partnership and Friendship along the way

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