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At Submer we understand that it can be difficult to decide what solution can work best for you, there are many elements that need to be considered: servers, nodes, capacity, just to name a few. So, we’ve done the hard work for you.

With the help of our esteemed partners, we have created what we believe is the ultimate solution for the Cloud, Edge, HPC and AI industry.

With three different options available per industry, you can choose from a fully customizable solution built to your particular specifications or, a basic solution that incorporates Submer’s proprietary Immersion technology with different customizable elements, giving you the confidence that the solution you’ve chosen will be perfect for the job without the hassle.

Let’s take a closer look at the options below.

Power the future with Immersion, today.

Our Solutions have been designed to maximize internal footprints and achieve industry-leading operational and energy efficiency through Immersion cooling. The solutions are powered by Submer’s industry-leading Immersion technology which empowers users to have high-density compute environments while simultaneously reducing their impact on their environment and increasing levels of sustainability.







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