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June 26, 2020

Datacenter cooling

Datacenter cooling meaning

Datacenter cooling is one of the fundamental aspects in managing and operating a datacenter, especially today when IT hardware density is getting higher and higher. In general, the term of “datacente cooling” refers to the all the equipment, tools, techniques and processes necessary to ensure an ideal operating temperature within the datacenter facility
Cooling a datacenters typically takes a lot of energy (>50% depending on location and design) and a lot of planning. Traditionally, there are three different ways to cool a datacenter: air-based cooling, liquid-based cooling and a hybrid of the two, and within these categories are a couple different methods:
– The cold aisle/hot aisle method
– The cold or hot air containment method
– The in-rack heat extraction method
– Water-cooled racks or rear-door chillers
– Direct Liquid Cooling
– Immersion Cooling