Being in the loop

All about the Industry and Submer Tools

June 9, 2020


What is the CDU

The Cooling Distribution Unit (CDU) is the brain of Submer‘s Immersion Cooling solutions. It is placed on the left side of the tank, and contains:

  • The redundant pump system (two pumps) responsible for pumping the SmartCoolant into the SmartPodX, SmartPodXL.
  • The heat exchanger responsible for passing the heat from the SmartCoolant to the secondary cooling loop, (water loop in most cases). In the heat exchanger, water and SmartCoolant never enter in direct contact with each other.
  • The PLC automatically and autonomously controls the pump system and gathers information from the different sensors. It takes actions based on its program and exposes sensor and alarm data to the HMI2
  • Piping
  • Electronics
  • Elements that cannot be submerged or enter in contact with water (the CDU has a double containment system so that all electronics and water do not enter in direct contact)
  • The HMI1 (placed on top of the CDU)

Submer also offers a double CDU option for Tier IV compatibility: the SmartPodXL+ can thus offer even more redundancy, and a greater dissipation capacity (>100 kW).