Intel & Submer

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The partnership so far

We’ve already achieved great things and we’re just getting started.

  • 2020: Submer becomes an official Gold Partner.
  • 2021: Collaboration to deliver scalable Immersion standards to the Datacenter Industry.
  • 2022: Innovative Tech Demonstrator unveiled to power municipalities through heat reuse technologies.

It’s been a great journey so far and we are delighted to join with Intel to make a tangible difference to the industry. What’s next? We will leverage both companies’ expertise and customer feedback to develop best practices for single-phase immersion cooling technology, to make the datacenter and IT industry a more sustainable industry.

* 70°C outlet temperature is based on the modeling of Submer’s proprietary precision cooling of immersion ready IT hardware. Submer is actively working with technology partners to validate these modeling results with real world test data.

This deployment is an example of edge heat transfer thanks to heat reuse technology. This means that heat
generated by the servers will be repurposed to heat the building reducing the need for other energy resources.

Learn in this video how we help to reduce the environmental impact of the datacenter industry thanks to this installation where we show how these technologies can come together to deliver, an innovative, sustainable and highly efficient solution, forward-thinking heat reuse system for datacenters including those cooling next-generation chips.

Key takeways from this tech demonstrator

  • AI application

    AI application for international research

  • HPC high-density Intel servers

  • 43 kW heat generated

  • Modularity

    Brown-field deployment cohabiting with an air cooled datacenter

  • noise dB

    15 dB noise

  • Next step: connection to BCN District Heating Network

Discover Intel Server System D50TNP Family! A flexible and powerful platform. An Innovative Tech Demonstrator unveiled to power municipalities through heat reuse technologies.

Intel® Server System D50TNP

Featuring 3rd Generation Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors. One Flexible and Powerful HPC Platform. Limitless HPC and AI Possibilities:

  • Life Sciences
  • Manufacturing
  • Energy
  • Finance
  • Weather/ Climate
  • Materials Science
Four powerful, purpose-built modules to scale to any need. Independently scale resource capacities to meet your specific requirements, with high-density, general compute, accelerator, management and storage modules.

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